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5 Amazing Coworking Spaces in Paris

This one is for all you digital nomads out there! Finding a place to work while traveling or living abroad can be challenging. From my time living in France, I realized that many places prefer if you don’t work during their peak hours or some don’t want you to work there at all! To help you find the best coworking spaces in Paris, I’ve put a quick list of some go-to ones!

I chose to write about Paris because it is one of the most popular places in France to have digital nomads and ex-pats. The likelihood of finding English speakers is higher and the amount of choices of workspaces is endless!

So if you’re in Paris as a digital nomad, remote worker or even a tourist who needs to find a place to work, here are some of the best coworking places you can find in Paris!

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Tips for visiting Paris

🏛️ Most museums are free to visit on the first Sunday of the month! If you’re in Paris as a digital nomad or remote worker, you might be staying longer than the average tourist. If this is the case, take advantage of everything that Paris has to offer! So many museums and monuments are free on the first Sunday of the month. In order to do this, plan ahead and book tickets in advance. Understandably many people will want to visit during this window so reserve your tickets in advance!

👩🏼‍💻 There are many places to work from! One of the perks of basing yourself in Paris is that you naturally have many options for places to work compared to smaller cities. There is no shortage of coworking spaces in Paris with reliable wifi that you should have no trouble finding a comfy cafe or desk somewhere around the city!

💰 Cost of living is quite high in Paris. The downside of basing yourself in Paris is that the cost of living is higher compared to many other cities in France. This of course makes sense as its the most visited tourist destination in the world! The way you can save some money is to base yourself here during shoulder season. Crowds will be less and prices will be slightly cheaper compared to the summer months!


If you’re looking for monthly Memberships

Morning Coworking 

An aesthetic office of wood chairs and table with hanging lamps and simple art on the wall

There are tonnes of Morning Coworking locations in Paris all across the city! They offer a variety of setups depending on what you’re looking for from entire office rentals to a dedicated desk.

What I love about them is each of their coworking spaces in Paris is unique and so beautiful! Some of them have wellness rooms, some are dog friendly, some have bike storage, some have a cafe inside and some have event spaces. You can request Nomad Services where you have access to their coworking offices around Paris on a flexible basis or you can book specific meeting rooms. There is a tonne of flexibility depending on what you need.

There’s a lot to choose from, from the location to the type of service to the unique offerings at each space! You can learn more and book your coworking here!



Greenspace’s values are kindness and calm. They are known as being one of the most peaceful coworking spaces in Paris which they worked hard to achieve! Their goal was to create a calming, peaceful environment to encourage deeper concentration.

Inside you’ll find meeting rooms, walking desks, relaxation areas, and a cafeteria! They have 3 different monthly plans from more flexible to more dedicated offerings. Greenspace is probably more fitting if you are looking to stay in Paris on a longer-term basis and if you have a team. They offer services like a mailbox and 24/7 access to the building with these types of businesses in mind!

You can learn more about their plans here!

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Are you looking for your next workation?

Whether you are a full on digital nomad or someone who has remote work flexibility, going on a workation is a great way to blend your passion for travel with work seamlessly. Being able to work from exciting cities or beautiful destinations is why so many ex-pats work to be digital nomads! Working remotely while exploring local cultures, histories and monuments are exactly the perks of a workation!

If this sounds like you, SafetyWing currently has an exciting giveaway perfectly tailored for you! SafetyWing’s Nomad Workation Giveaway will grant one lucky winner month-long workation in Mexico City. Part of your prize includes roundtrip flights and accommodations at a local co-living and coworking space.

To enter, all you have to do is create an account, no purchase is required! If you already have an account, just sign in here to enter the contest! The winner of the SafetyWing Nomad Workation Giveaway will be announced on May 16th, so be sure to create an account and enter today!

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If you’re looking for flexible coworking spaces in Paris


the outside of a coworking cafe in Paris. You can see the various seating options through the window

If you’re like me and are not necessarily looking for a month-long commitment when you’re working abroad and like to find laptop-friendly cafes, then Hubsy is your spot! There are 3 Hubsy coworking cafes in Paris but don’t expect this to be like any other cafe. Inside you’ll have access to printers, scanners, meeting rooms, and electrical outlets at each station. Plus, you have access to unlimited drinks and self-service snacks.

I love the flexibility you have here. You can either pay for an hourly rate or book a weekly or monthly pass. Everything is super easy to use and understand making it perfect for you to focus on what really matters; getting stuff done!! Check out their prices here!

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Nuage Cafe

One of the many quirky, cute and aesthetic coworking spaces in Paris in Nuage cafe.

Ok, I know that finding a cute place to work isn’t always the priority, but Nuage Cafe definitely deserves to be on this list! Nuage Cafe is another coworking cafe in the centre of Paris but it is also so aesthetically beautiful! It has a warm atmosphere that makes it feel like home!

Inside you’ll find study rooms, meeting rooms, relaxation corners, a library, a kitchen, garden, and of course, a cafe! Similar to Hubsy, you have lots of flexibility here, whether you are looking to stay for an hour, for the week, or multiple days! It’s really a beautiful space to get creative and, in my opinion, one of the best coworking spaces in Paris!

Learn more about their offerings here!



Last but not least, I’ll mention myCowork because, unlike the other flexible options I’ve listed, this coworking space is not a cafe. Some people adore working in cafes and love being around the energy. Others really love the more office feel, which is often quieter and more calming.

That is where myCowork comes in. They offer the same flexibility, (daily and hourly rates) while also providing a quieter office feel. Inside their 2 different locations, you can find private offices, meeting rooms, and open spaces while being a 5 minute walk from a metro station.

Visit their site here to learn more!


Planning a visit to Paris?

Eiffel tower in Paris

Hopefully by now you are feeling a little more prepared for your digital nomad journey to Paris! As I said above, there are plenty of options of coworking spaces in Paris so if none of the ones on this list work for you, check out wework for more ideas!


If you’re visiting other areas in France during your trip, click here to find all of my France travel guides. As someone who’s lived there for 2 years, I’ve been lucky to visit many corners of the country and you can find all my tips and resources either on my blog or on Thatch!

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