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Hi there, I'm

Caity !

I’m a Canadian who was most likely born with the travel bug. What would you like to know about me?

So far, I have been travelling roughly every few months since 2016 (partly thanks to my 6-year long-distance relationship) and have lived in London as a teacher and in France as a nanny for 3 years in total. As much as I have enjoyed working with kids, helping others travel has been calling my name for the past little while and I wanted to truly dedicate some energy to this passion project.

I have gained countless first-hand experiences and knowledge about travelling, living abroad and budgeting that I wanted to put to good use and help others with their own adventures.

This blog is dedicated to people who:

  • want to travel as much as they can but don’t know where to start.
  • love to explore new places and want to know where they can have the most memorable experiences.
  • love new cultures and landscapes and are always hunting down local foods (where are all of my self-proclaimed foodies at!?) 
  • want to live in a new country and for those who might have hesitations or questions about what is involved (I’ve been there, I know how scary it can be).
  • have a passion for travel while also balancing their work-life but don’t know how to budget for it.

In the end, I want to make travel easier for YOU by sharing with you my personal first-hand experiences and recommendations from over the years. Nevertheless, I am a travel planner at heart and have planned over 10 separate trips for my friends, family and partner. I want to help others when they are anxiously preparing for their trip and trying to organize their itinerary. Ultimately, I want to inspire you to keep exploring – because there is so much to see, experience and eat in this world you might as well get started!

Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you came! 

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