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Best beaches in Corsica (MAP INCLUDED)

The fact that you’re planning a trip to Corsica probably means that you already know that Corsica has the BEST beaches in France. They are known for being crystal clear, warm, and turquoise! It’s pretty easy to understand why it’s one of the most popular holiday destinations for French citizens! And if you want to know where to find these beaches, the best beaches in Corsica, this is the blog post for you!

To keep in mind: We visited the SOUTH of Corsica so this guide will share the best beaches in this region.

We spent 2 weeks in Corsica last year beach hopping, hiking to natural springs, and visiting its historical towns. There are so many beaches in Corsica, you want to make sure you’re visiting the best of the best. This guide highlights my top 4 recommendations to help you decide which beaches you’d like to plan into your itinerary!

I’ve also included a FREE MAP of other amazing beaches across the entire southern half of the island so you can find any beach best suited for your trip!

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Tips for visiting Corsica

🚗 You NEED a rental car! Renting a car in Corsica is absolutely essential, especially for visiting the beaches. From our visit, there was next to no public transportation that we came across. And for the few we saw, they didn’t venture towards the beaches or into mountains. The best way to get around Corsica is by car. I personally recommend using to find your car rental! We’ve used them for our past few road trips and we found the best deals through them! You can browse for options here!

🏨 Where to stay in Corsica? When visiting Corsica, there are two really popular ways to go about it. One is road trip style where you move across the island going from place to place. This often involves camping from time to time. Or, find a nice hotel or Airbnb, explore a certain area, and just relax! If staying put is more your style, I’ve compiled some of the best places to stay in the South of Corsica in the blog post below!

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🤿 Pack your snorkel and your water shoes. Be prepared to make the most of those clear waters! This means, don’t forget to pack your snorkel. The visibility in Corsica is amazing, even close to the shore! You’ll have no problem seeing fish and other marine gems! I also suggest water shoes because slippery wet rocks are common, as is true for many beach destinations, but so are urchins. Keep your eyes peeled, you do not want to accidentally step on one!

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Best beaches in Corsica

Plage de Palombaggia

left: a girl stands knee deep in clear blue water with the beach in the background right: orange rocks sit in the foreground with turquoise waters and sandy beach in the background

Palombaggia Beach is known as being one of the best beaches in Corsica. In fact, it has won the title of one of the most beautiful beaches in France! It is also one of the larger beaches on this list. This was our first beach visit in Corsica and it set the bar pretty high!

One of my favorite things about this beach was the bright orange rocks at the end of the beach. The colors just made the turquoise water POP and it looked so incredible! It was also along these rocks that we saw so many fish! Palombaggia was definitely a highlight and lived up to its reputation!

To keep in mind: Palombaggia is probably the most famous beach in Corsica, so be prepared for crowds! We visited during shoulder season and it wasn’t too crowded but if you visit in the summer, time your visit wisely so you can secure your spot!

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Plage de Santa Giulia

2 people splash in turquoise waters with a mountains in the background

Another memorable beach we visited in Corsica was Santa Guilia Beach. Specifically, I loved the shape of this beach! The beach is in a ‘U’ shape so you have a beautiful backdrop for your beach day. Nothing is better than lying in the sand, watching the turquoise waters with beautiful hills in the distance!

This was one of the more crowded beaches we went to. It felt that way because the beach isn’t very wide so space fills up quickly. This is another beach I’d try to plan your visit accordingly in order to secure a spot!

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Cala du Chiesa (on Levezzi Island)

The waters are so crystal clear waters on Lavezzi Islands that you can see fish swimming

I HIGHLY recommend paying a visit to Levezzi Island! This was our best beach day in Corsica and it’s only a short boat ride from the mainland! The other 3 beaches on this list are located closer to Porto-Vecchio but you can access Levezzi Island from Bonifacio.

Levezzi Island is a nature reserve, there are no inhabitants on the island! The easiest way to get to Lavezzi Island is to show up in Bonifacio Port the day you want to leave and book a roundtrip shuttle boat. You can’t book tickets in advance and you can choose your time slot based on the ticket availability.

It takes 30 minutes to get to Levezzi Island and you can leave whenever you’d like but do not miss the last shuttle. Make a note of the return shuttle times when you arrive so you know when to leave. The ride back is an hour tour of the islands! You can learn more about the boat shuttle here!

To get to this beach, you’ll have to walk across the island from where you depart the shuttle boat. But let me tell you, this beach does NOT disappoint! I have never seen so many fish in my life! The moment you walk into the water there are fish at your feet! It is absolutely a sight to see and the BEST place to snorkel in Corsica. I’m so happy we chose this spot!

You can also take a guided tour of this archipelago! Tours often include a visit to caves, a local guide and time to snorkel! The tour below features all of these things and more!

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Plage de Rondinara

left: overlooking the Rondianara bay in Corsica with its turqouise waters right: white sand beach with crystal clear water

Rondinara was my favorite beach in Corsica and it had some of the best water! The water was SO clear, it almost looked like a swimming pool! The beach is located in a bay, which gave us beautiful views of the shoreline but also makes it less windy. This is always a bonus on a beach day!

PRO TIP: I recommend walking down the beach and continuing the hike along the shoreline. Past the beach, there is a trail called the Sentier de la Rundinara. This is an option to add to your beach day if interested. But there are also private areas on the rocks that have stunning views of the bay. We really enjoyed exploring this area!

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Planning a visit to Corsica?

Best beaches in Corsica

And there you have it! The best beaches in Corsica (in my opinion of course)! Remember to refer to my complete list of amazing beaches using the map above! There is a mobile-friendly version of the guide, perfect for when you’re out and about!

For more help with your travel planning, I have also put together a TOP 5 Guide to Southern Corsica. In this guide, you’ll find my top 5 restaurants, top 5 hikes, top 5 natural swimming pools, and more! Remember that Corsica is known for its beaches but there is SO much natural beauty to find on the island! Explore all of it to get the best experience!

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