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The goal of CZ Phones Home is to help lighten your travel planning load. I’m here to help you every step of the way – from your early planning stages to what to do when you arrive.

I want to help you create great travel and cultural experiences that are affordable, attainable, and memorable!

What can I help you with?

Destination Guides

Here you will find detailed recommendations, day trip ideas and other important insights for when you arrive at your dream destination. 

Travel Planning Tips

Here you will find what you need to help you plan your trips such as budgeting, itinerary ideas and other important tips I’ve learned over the years. 

Custom Services

Here you will find details of my custom planning services including custom guides, personalized itineraries and consultation calls.

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I’m a Canadian ex-pat, who’s also a trained history and geography teacher, which means I naturally, have fallen in love with the world’s cultures and landscapes.

I am on my second working holiday visa and have spent hours trying to budget and plan my way around Europe. My objective with CZ Phones Home is to make your travels easier by sharing with you everything I’ve learned over the years – think of me as your friendly neighborhood travel advisor.  You can find my French and UK travel guides and services on Thatch!

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