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the famous dessert from Bordeaux, caneles

Bordeaux being one of the wine capitals of the world is also without a doubt filled with so many delicious places to eat. And sometimes when you’re out, starving and desperate for food, it can seem like the restaurant possibilities are endless, and choosing where you want to eat can feel like an impossible feat.

Does this sound like something you can relate to? If you and your group are feeling indecisive about where or what to eat, you’ve come to the right place. As someone who has family based in Bordeaux, I’ve visited many times. And with each visit, I am adding new spots to my go-to restaurant list!

In this article, browse through some of my personal favorite food places in Bordeaux (so far!). Whether you’re in the mood for a snack, a drink, or a full-course meal, I’ve got you covered!

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Tips for visiting Bordeaux

🚙 Do not drive in the city. Bordeaux is becoming increasingly car-less and are encouraging people to take the public transportation when visiting the city. If you are staying IN Bordeaux, you can easily rely on the tram to get around.

🏨 Where to stay in Bordeaux: I’ve put a list of 5 hotels and places to stay in my Bordeaux guide. There you can find a mix of accommodations based on price, location and amenities! Find my recommendations here!

🍷 Don’t miss a visit into the wine country! Without a doubt this is my top recommended activity when visiting Bordeaux! You can, of course, visit the city’s wine museum, the Cité du Vin, which is a great glimpse into wine culture around the world. But to get the most authentic experience, head to the vineyards!!

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Best places to eat in Bordeaux

The rooftop bar experience: Mama Shelter’s

3 drinks sitting on a bar overlooking the city of Bordeaux

📍 Address: 19 Rue Poquelin Molière, 33000 Bordeaux

Mama Shelter is a hotel chain that can be found in several spots around France and Europe. But one thing I particularly enjoy about their location in Bordeaux is their rooftop. It is a really gorgeous space and offers a wonderful view of Bordeaux from up-top. And of course, why not try some Bordeaux red wine while you’re there? If that’s not your thing they also have many cocktails and a wonderful restaurant inside!


A popular dinner destination: l’Entrecôte 

The store front of the restaurant l'entrecote in Bordeaux

📍 Address: 4 Cr du 30 Juillet, 33000 Bordeaux

If you’re looking for where to eat in Bordeaux AND want to eat at the go-to restaurant of the moment, then L’Entrecôte is your destination! However, it is also one of the most difficult places to get in. The reason for this is that they do not take reservations in advance, you have to arrive and hope to be seated. People can be seen lining up outside of the restaurant for close to an hour, and the line will run down the street and around the corner. But don’t worry if you’re in line, they tend to rotate tables very efficiently by having regular seating windows. When we went, we noticed that they sat between 10-20 tables at one time. But either way, be prepared to wait!

Their concept is pretty unique, they only serve one meal; every customer is essentially eating the same thing. And the quality is amazing (hence the incredibly long line!). You can find their menu here!


A fresh Sunday market: Marché des Capucins 

Bunches of herbs such as different variations of mint in baskets in the Marché des Capucines 

📍 Address: Pl. des Capucins, 33800 Bordeaux

One thing that I love about France is the markets! It is so lovely to head out on the weekend, tote bag in hand, ready to browse through some local vendors and produce. There are several markets that take place in Bordeaux but one that I particularly enjoyed was the Marché des Capucins. They had everything you could ever need from fresh herbs to fresh pasta. And the produce was amazing! It’s a wonderful way to spend a morning and a great way to get some fresh local products!


The best canelés: La Toque Cuivré 

Someone standing in front la toque cuivre storefront

📍 Address: 5 Rue Sainte-Catherine, 33000 Bordeaux

You may or may not know that Bordeaux is also known for its canelés. It’s the big pastry from the region and you’ll notice pretty quickly that they are sold everywhere! They vary in size however traditionally they are bite-size rum and vanilla filled pastries. However, if you want a chain that sells the best and cheapest canelés, head over to La Toque Cuivrée.

Most tourists go to their competitor, Baillardran, but everyone from Bordeaux says that its better to go to La Toque Cuivrée. You can find La Toque Cuivrée shops all around Bordeaux, they even have some pop-ups around France, and they are known to the locals as being less touristy and more traditional.

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A delicious dinner: Berthus 

3 bowls of colourful food on a wooden table

📍 Address: 15 Rue des Bahutiers 33000 Bordeaux

One evening when looking for a place to eat, we stumbled across Berthus. We notice that they offer a prefixed menu and saw the review online were very good so we decided to eat there. The restaurant on the outside looks very tiny and then they take you upstairs to find a wonderfully open dining room. And the food was absolutely delicious. To me, it felt almost like fine dining but at a much more reasonable price. It was definitely worth the visit!


A HUGE selection of ice cream: Maison du Glacier 

The inside of an ice cream parlour displaying many different flavours

📍 Address: 1 Pl. Saint-Pierre, 33000 Bordeaux

This is probably one of my favourite discoveries in Bordeaux – and when people ask me where to eat in Bordeaux, I always direct them here! It is a small ice cream shop located in Place Saint Pierre and has close to 100 different flavours of ice cream and sorbet. But not just any old flavours, some of the most unique flavours I have ever seen. To name a few, they have beer flavour, kiwi, canelé, macaron and tiramisu.

I thought that was so interesting. And the best part is that they manage to capture the flavours perfectly! It really does taste the same! I highly recommend checking it out. Also, be adventurous! Try something besides your regular ice cream order, go for it!


Some amazing cocktails: La Comtesse 

📍 Address: 25 Rue Parlement Saint-Pierre, 33000 Bordeaux

If you’re interested in visiting a really eclectic bar that serves fantastic original cocktails, then you should definitely stop by La Comtesse. Located right in the heart of the restaurant and bar area of Bordeaux it is a really cool place to grab a drink with friends. The inside is filled with a collection of antique furniture from old Victoria sofas to refurbished cinema seats. They attach their menus in up-cycled vintage books and the service was incredible. Our server asked us what we normally like to drink and right away had plenty of suggestions tailored to our interests. All in all, I really had a great experience in this bar and would highly recommend it!


A unique experience: Café Utopia 

People sitting in front of the terrace in front of the Utopia Cafe

📍 Address: 5 Pl. Camille Jullian, 33000 Bordeaux

“Utopia” is a really unique spot in Bordeaux. It is an old church that is now being used as a cinema. I personally find that so incredibly cool! Why am I recommending this as a place to eat? Well, they also have a cafe attached to the cinema and since the films are mainly shown in French I was unable to watch a movie, but I could still visit the location by trying the cafe. It is a really interesting place, right in the heart of Bordeaux so why not check it out?


Some tasty cookies: Be my cookie 

Inside the Be my Cookie shop with a row of cookies on display

📍 Address: 55 Rue des Remparts, 33000 Bordeaux

On my most recent visit to Bordeaux, I spent some time researching new and interesting places I wanted to check out and I stumbled across this place. It was described as a ‘bar but for cookies’ and I knew I had to visit. And that is what it is! It is an ethical, organic, gourmet cookie bar that offers a variety of delicious flavours. And they don’t skimp on the portion sizes either. So if you’re ever out and about in Bordeaux and craving something sweet, I’d recommend stopping by!

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Tapas from Pays Basque: TOPA Comptoir Basque 

📍 Address: 7 Rue du Palais de l’Ombrière, 33000 Bordeaux

Not sure what Pays Basque is? It is an unofficial region in France south of Bordeaux on the Spanish border nestled in the Pyrenees Mountains. It is a beautiful area of France I recommend checking it out as it is also a very unique area. In Basque Country, they have their own language, culture, traditions and food! The Basque culture is like a mix of French and Spanish cultures with their own little flare of independence.

Needless to say, if you want to experience some traditional Basque cuisine without venturing down there, well luckily you can, right in the centre of Bordeaux. There is a store that sells many local products from the Basque region and in the back, they also have a tapas restaurant with a gorgeous terrace! I personally really like Gateaux Basque which is one of their traditional desserts!

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Feeling hungry yet? 

If you want an even MORE update list of places (because I have plenty more suggestions), head over to my FREE guide on Thatch. The guide comes with an interactive map which is great that to have at your side while you’re out and about! I update this guide with every visit I make to Bordeaux so give it a save to get the most recent information!

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