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Fun baking class in Paris to add to your itinerary

If you haven’t taken a cooking or baking class while traveling yet, I personally think you’re missing out! This is why I’ve put together a ‘baking class in Paris’ list for you, so you don’t have to worry about finding an experience that’s worth it. I’ve already done the research for you! I’ve pulled out some of the top baking and cooking classes I could find from GetYourGuide and Viator. I chose these platforms because these classes are geared toward tourists, are typically one-offs, and are English-friendly!

Baking and cooking classes have quickly become one of my favorite things to do while traveling! Not only are they fun to do, but they give you a chance to connect with locals and discover different cultures on a more meaningful level. Plus, you get the best souvenir you could ever ask for; a recipe!

Here are some of the most memorable cooking classes I’ve taken over the years:

🇧🇪 Chocolate workshop in Brussels

🇬🇷 Greek cooking class with a Greek Grandma in Santorini

🇲🇹 Maltese cooking class in Valletta

🇫🇷 French desserts in Lille

🇲🇦 Moroccan cooking class in Marrakech

But today, I want to talk about Paris! A baking class in Paris is not hard to come by – there are many that give you the chance to learn how to make classic French patisseries and pastries! Before diving into the best ones, I’ve also outlined some key FAQs about taking a baking class in Paris to help you plan your visit! Enjoy and bonne appetite!

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Tips for visiting Paris

📆 Plan at least 4-5 days for your itinerary. I always recommend at least 4 days if its your first time visiting Paris! Even if you’re revisiting, there is so much to do! There are so many small museums, restaurants, and attractions that it’s best if you don’t rush things and give yourself plenty of time to visit.

🏰 If you’ve been before, take city breaks & look for hidden gems! This goes for anyone visiting Paris, even if it’s your first visit! I highly recommend venturing away from the main touristy spots once in a while and look for parks, and hidden gems or take unique day trips around the area.

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📍Book things in advance! This has to be my number-one tip for visiting Paris! Booking things in advance is essential when visiting Paris – this includes restaurants, attractions, tours, and day trips. Even when I visited in October, some attractions were sold out so, just to be safe, book things well in advance!


What should I wear to a baking class in Paris?

When attending a cooking or baking class in Paris, most venues don’t set an official dress code, so you shouldn’t worry too much about what you wear.

However, it is good practice when attending a baking class to wear loose-fitting clothing and clothing you don’t mind getting dirty in case of splatter. During cooking classes, it’s also good practice to wear closed shoes and long pants and sleeves in case of burns or spills. But as most of these classes are beginner-friendly, you shouldn’t worry too much.


How long is a baking class?

The length of a baking class in Paris depends on the course you select. From the list below, a majority of the classes are focused on one particular dish and last between 1.5 and 2.5 hours. If you choose a class where you make a full-course meal, these classes tend to be longer and will last closer to 5 hours.

A man is standing rolling out dough in a cooking class in Paris. In front of him are different ingredients in bowls and 2 other women are working in the backgorund


Are they suitable for English speakers?

You can find many cooking or baking classes in Paris offered in English! As these classes are typically geared towards tourists, for a one-time class the main language of instruction I’ve seen when researching has been English.

I have, however, attended a few classes that were in French so do check beforehand. In these cases, the chef would speak to me directly to ensure I was following along with the class. Of course, not all chefs will be able to do this since it depends on their language skills, but this is something you can verify when you are booking!


Macaron baking class in Paris

Colourful macarons sit in a box

Option 1: 

Paris: French Macaron Culinary Class with a Chef

2.5 hours

Includes a take-home box of macarons

💰~115 euros

⭐️ 4.9/5 on GetYourGuide based on +110 reviews

I’ve listed this macaron baking class in Paris above the one below because it is longer and you get more macarons at the end of your experience. However, it is more expensive so keep that in mind! This class is also smaller, with only 6 participants, making it more intimate and more one-on-one time with your instructor.

Book your macaron baking class!

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Option 2:

Paris: Macaron Class at Galeries Lafayette

1.5 hours

Includes 4 macarons & 2 recipes

💰~ 59 euros

⭐️ 4.4/5 on GetYourGuide based on +500 reviews

The Galeries Lafayette is one of the most beautiful shops in Paris in my opinion so having a baking class here would be such a cool experience! They offer a family-friendly class on Wednesdays and on Tuesdays, at 5 pm the class is offered in French. This is also the most affordable baking class in Paris on this list so it’s definitely a perfect fit for people on a tighter budget!

Check availability and prices here

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Croissant baking class in Paris

Several croissants sit neatly on a baking tray

Option 1:

Paris Croissant Small-Group Baking Class with a Chef

2.5 hours

Includes croissant, pain au chocolat & pain au raisin

💰  ~145 euros

⭐️ 365 5-star reviews on Viator

I think this class is an excellent choice if you want to take a croissant baking class in Paris because you also learn how to make a pain au chocolat and a pain au raisin. It is a bit more expensive than the class listed below but the reviews are excellent and it is one of the top food and drink classes in Paris on Viator!

Check availability and prices here


Option 2:

Paris: French Croissant Baking Class with a Chef

2.5 hours

💰 ~115 euros

⭐️ 4.9/5 on GetYourGuide based on +130 reviews

This class is an excellent alternative where you’ll focus solely on perfecting your croissant technique. I mean who doesn’t love a good croissant!? The reviews are amazing and they also only work with small groups of up to 8 guests, giving you more one-on-one time with the chef!

Check availability and prices here

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Cooking classes with a meal

Option 1:

Paris: Full-Day Cooking Class with 3-Course Lunch
  5 hours

Includes 3-course meal with wine & cheese

💰~189 euros

⭐️ 4.9/5 on GetYourGuide based on +70 reviews

If you’re looking for 3-course French meal for lunch, then why not learn how to make it yourself!? You will be cooking food fresh from a market in the Paris Latin Quarter. These courses are longer but you learn more techniques and recipes which is a highlight in my books! It also has over 700 5-star reviews on Viator – pretty impressive if you ask me!

Check availability here

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Option 2:

Paris Evening Cooking Class French Dinner and Market Visit Option

  6 hours

Includes a 3-course meal with wine & a market visit

💰~199 euros

⭐️ 213 5-star reviews on Viator

Last but not least, you can swap the lunch option for a dinner menu in this evening cooking class. You can also opt-in to join the hosts as they choose the produce from the market, which is something I would personally love to try! Joining the chef at the market means not only know how to make the food, but you’ll also learn how to choose the correct produce. From the looks of it, it is the same menu that is offered in the lunch option so it comes down to whether you want to join the chef for lunch or dinner!

Book your cooking class here


Ready for your baking class in Paris!?

Fun baking class in Paris to add to your itinerary

I hope you’ve chosen an epic cooking or baking class in Paris by now. Or at least, I hope you’re inspired to add these types of experiences to your future travel itineraries! On your trip to France, we all know this type of cuisine is iconic and world renowned. Why not take a few memorable recipes home with you!? There’s no better place to learn about French food than in Paris!

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Did you know? I also offer custom travel planning on Thatch! Whether you are in need of a consultation call to talk over your travel itinerary or are in need of a personalized guide or itinerary, I’d love to help you with your France travel planning!

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