Beautiful stores you can’t miss when shopping in Paris

People are drawn to Paris from all over the world for many reasons. Some people visit for its history – to witness the many iconic buildings that have survived the test of time. Some visit for the food – to end up in any restaurant knowing that no matter what, their meal will be delicious. […]

Famous Cabaret Shows to see in Paris

When I picture a cabaret show in Paris, I immediately envision a line of beautiful women dancing the can-can. But little did I know that there is more to a cabaret than just the can-can. In fact, it is a huge part of French history and culture. Visiting a cabaret had been on my bucket […]

BEST parks in Paris you NEED to visit

the gorgeous greek architecture found in Park Monceau

As we all know, Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. But the parks in Paris are not talked about as much as in other major cities. Paris is filled to the brim with history, people, fashion and food – which can make it feel crowded at times. But what adds […]