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Best “Bordeaux Wine Day Trip” Guide

A visit to Bordeaux is not complete without a wine day trip! This is one of France’s most iconic wine regions, maybe even THE most iconic wine region in France, and it’s a missed opportunity if you do not escape into the countryside.

But there are so many day trip tours out there, that it can be overwhelming and different to choose to right one. Lucky for you I have family in Bordeaux and have been visiting for the past 8 years. We have visited the wine region countless times now. I’ve compiled a list of some of the best Bordeaux wine day trip tours out there to help make your decision a little easier.

I’ve looked at the comments, studied what’s included, and compared the experience for each of these tours but ultimately it’s you who needs to decide what type of experience you are looking for. I break down the main differences between each tour and explain what type of experience it offers so you can find the best tour for you!

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Tips for visiting the Bordeaux Wine Region

📍You can’t miss St. Émilion! Every single one of these tours pays a visit to St. Émilion because it is THE most picturesque medieval village in the region. This is the true heart of wine country, so even if you don’t find a tour from this list, be sure to pay St. Émilion a visit!

🍷 You do NOT need to enjoy wine in order to visit! Although part of the charm of touring this region of France is to enjoy the wine tastings, it is ultimately not required to taste them. If you are sober or are not a fan of red wine, touring the traditional vineyards and Chateaux where the wine is produced is a really authentic experience. Most of them are family-run businesses, so it’s a nice way to support the local communities.

📆 Grapes are harvested in September. So depending on your visit, your tour might show you a different part of the production process. You might get a first-hand look at the harvesting and production process. Visits take place all year round, the experience just might be slightly different!

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What are the differences between the tours?

View overlooking the medieval town of St. Emilion with vineyards in the foreground and the town sitting in the background

Before I jump into the different tour options I want to explain that the tours are actually quite similar. They are all small group tours with a maximum of 8 people. They each include a guided tour of St. Émilion. And with each experience, you go on at least one wine tour and tasting.

So how do you choose between them if they’re all very similar? Choose based on what YOU want to get out of your visit. Some tours are full day, where you visit more wineries, have free time exploring St. Émilion, and even get to visit more of the Medoc region. Some tours include lunch or an aperitif snack. While others are half-day and are a short and quick visit outside of Bordeaux.

PRO TIP: Think before you buy. What type of experience do you want? Do you only have time for a quick visit? Is free time important for you? Do you want more winery visits? Would you like to have food pairings? Or do you even want to go independently at your own pace?


Best Bordeaux Wine Day Trips

My top pick:

Overlooking the main square in St. Emilion with people huddled under terraces enjoying the summer day

Saint Émilion Day Trip with Sightseeing Tour & Wine Tastings from Bordeaux (by Ophorus)

Winner of the 2022 Viator Experience Award

8 hours

🍷 Visit 2 Chateaux – one in St. Émilion and another in Pomerol region

🏰 Free time included in St. Émilion

⭐️ 706 5-star ratings on Viator

Why is this one my top pick for a Bordeaux wine day trip? Because it has the most complete experience! You visit wineries in 2 different areas and you have time to explore St. Émilion yourself! Although they don’t mention how much time you have on your own, none of the other tours on this list include free time. And not to mention the rave reviews I’ve read online! What’s great about this tour is even though it is a full day, it does not look jam-packed. It looks like the perfect way to savor your experience!

Reserve your tour here!


If you’d like a picnic lunch:

Grape vineyards in the St. Emilion region outside of Bordeaux

Full-Day tour to Saint-Emilion and Medoc, from Bordeaux (by Olala Bordeaux)

9 hours

🍷 Visit 3 Chateaux – 1 for a tour + tasting, 1 for lunch, and 1 for a tasting only

🧺 Picnic lunch included

⭐️ 92 5-star reviews on Viator

I’d choose this Bordeaux wine day trip tour if you are looking for a full day out with lunch included. The picnic sounds like an excellent way to enjoy the vineyards even more! With this tour as well you visit 3 different chateaux, so if you really want to try the various wines and experience the differences, this would be a good tour for you.

Check availability and prices here


If you want something quick and flexible:

Someone holding a glass of red wine in front of the camera during a wine tasting tour outside of Bordeaux

Saint Emilion Half-Day Trip with Wine Tasting & Winery Visit from Bordeaux (by Orophus)

4 hours

🍷 1 Chateaux visit and tasting

📆 Can choose the morning or afternoon time slot

⭐️ 328 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor

This Bordeaux wine day trip tour is for you if you’re looking for something flexible. I love the fact that you have the choice between a morning or afternoon time slot, none of the other tours offer this. I will say that this is a short and sweet visit. Your tour includes 1 stop at a winery and a tour of St. Émilion and then you’re back. I would choose this tour if you want to visit the area but don’t necessarily need to make multiple stops.

Check availability and prices here


If you also want a food tasting:  

Option 1: From Bordeaux: Afternoon Saint-Emilion Wine Tasting Trip (by a la Francaise)

Powered by GetYourGuide

5.5 hours

🍷 2 Chateaux visits

🥖 Aperitif served with quality fresh bread and cheese included

⭐️ 4.7/5 review on GetYourGuide


Option 2: Saint Emilion Afternoon Wine Tour with Winery Visits & Tastings from Bordeaux (by Bordeaux Wine Trails)

A girl standing in front of the rows of grape vines in a local vineyard in St. Emilion just outside of Bordeaux

5.5 hours

🍷 2 Chateaux visits

🥖 Aperitif served with regional cheeses and cured meats included

⭐️ 282 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor

Both of these tours are very similar – so similar I thought they were the same! But they are in fact offered by different companies and the itinerary is slightly different. Either of these options is a happy middle between a full-day tour and a half-day tour. You have a snack included and have a chance to visit 2 different wineries. The main difference between these Bordeaux wine day trips is the price, the first one being cheaper!   

Check availability and prices here


If you want a half-day tour with lunch:

From Bordeaux: Saint-Émilion Food and Wine Tour (by Olala Bordeaux)

Powered by GetYourGuide

6.5 hours

🍷 3 Chateaux visits

🧺 Picnic lunch included

⭐️ 4.8/5 review on GetYourGuide

Although I hesitated saying that this is a half-day tour, it is shorter than the previous tour I listed that included lunch. Again, I love that lunch is included, I feel like the picnic experience is a great time to try local products. I would choose this tour if you’d like lunch included but aren’t interested in the 9-hour tour I mentioned above. The only thing that concerns me about this tour is that it offers the same experience as the 9-hour tour in less time, which to me means that it might feel rushed.

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Most affordable option: visit independently

A girl walking down the hidden quiet streets in the medieval town of St. Emillion

The beauty of traveling in Europe is that things are relatively well connected. You can visit St. Émilion by train if you do not have access to a car during your visit. As I mentioned, I have visited this region a few times now and have put together a St. Émilion Day Trip Guide to help visitors experience the region and city on their own.

I include local Chateaux suggestions, lunch ideas, and spots to visit in the town as you wander around independently. I also give some suggestions on touring the region by bike – which is another very popular way to have the most authentic experience.

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If you want to stay in Bordeaux:

Visit the Wine Museum

Powered by GetYourGuide

Although, I do strongly suggest taking a city break and heading into the countryside. It is extremely beautiful, you won’t want to miss it! But sometimes, there isn’t enough time! If that is your case, head to the Cite du Vin!

The Bordeaux Wine Museum, the Cite du Vin, is one of the coolest experiences we’ve had in Bordeaux. The museum is interactive as you learn about the wine-making process from start to finish, all over the world! There is also a tasting included with your ticket, plus you can even reserve a table at the restaurant on the top floor!

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Final Thoughts

Best Bordeaux Wine Day trip Guide

Choosing the right tour for you is ultimately based on your preferences and your time and budget restraints. This is a list of tours that stood out to me as offering an amazing experience of Bordeaux’s wine region.

I hope this guide gave you an idea of what to expect on a Bordeaux wine day trip and also helped you identify what you’re looking to get out of this experience. Believe me, visiting St. Émilion has made it to my France Bucket List because it is truly a beautiful experience. You won’t be disappointed!

Did you know? I offer custom travel planning on Thatch! Whether you are in need of a consultation call to talk over your travel itinerary or are in need of a personalized guide or itinerary, I’d love to help you with your France travel planning!

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