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Heys Luggage Review: Earth Tones Collection

Choosing a suitcase is a big deal. It’s a big investment and you want to make sure you’re going with the right choice, not a suitcase that will break down after one use. As someone who has gone through a few suitcases, I am now quite picky when it comes to luggage. Whether it is capacity, warranty, or durability there are a few things I now keep in mind. The purpose of this article is to review my recent luggage investment;  Heys luggage: Earth Tones collection.

For this review, I will be mainly talking about the Heys carry-on luggage. In this article, I will go over a few key features I look for when purchasing a new suitcase. I will review the Heys luggage quality, in terms of its durability and maneuverability. I will also break down its user experience now that I have a few uses of this luggage under my belt. I will talk about packing capacity, price, and ease of use.

By the end of this review, I will share my honest opinion of whether I found the Heys luggage Earth Tones collection worth it. I hope this review helps you decide whether this is the right suitcase for you!



This Heys luggage review focuses on the Earth Tones Collection. The Earth Tones collection really caught my eye because of its sleek style and beautiful color selection. Customers have a choice of Umber, Moss, Glacial Grey, and Atmosphere. Personally, I went with Moss.

Heys is a Canadian brand that started as a family-run business back in 1986. This was a selling point for me because as a fellow Canadian, I do like supporting Canadian businesses when I can. Our family has been using Heys luggage for years.

Historically, I found Heys to be a relatively affordable luggage brand. But when deciding on a suitcase there are more factors I like to keep in mind than just the price point. So let me summarize the main pros and cons I’ve experienced so far from using Heys Earth Tones Luggage.

A girl standing inside a timber-framed house. She is holding the handle of the Heys luggage down at her feet.
Click the image to check out everything I packed for a weekend getaway

Product Information (carry-on)

Material: 100% Pure Polycarbonate

Size: 21” x 13.8” x 8.5” – 53cm x 35cm x 21.5cm

Volume: 45 L – (When Expanded)

Weight: 6.8 lbs – 3.1 kg

Features: telescopic handle, 360-degree wheels, expandable lid, and a TSA-lock

Warranty: 5 years


  • There are many pockets inside for maximum storage and organizational capacity which includes a compression strap
  • I love how easy it is to use; the 360-degree wheels are super smooth
  • This is a very lightweight collection, maximizing your packing abilities
  • The luggage is very stylish, I love the design
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty, which is usually the minimum I look for in a suitcase


  • In terms of the carry-on bag, when expanded I was told by Air Canada representatives at the airport that the luggage didn’t meet the regulation size
  • After a few uses, the telescopic handle feels a little bit loose. They are still intact and work perfectly fine however not as durable as I would have hoped


Heys Luggage Review: Quality

The carry-on size Heys luggage Earth Tones collection in moss.


After a few uses, I can clearly see that this is pretty sturdy luggage. Being a hardshell suitcase, typically this means that they can become dented, cracked, or scuffed over time. I’ve gone on an international flight, 2 domestic train trips, and a few other local road trips so far, and I’m happy to say my suitcase is completely scuff-free. The only thing I have noticed after a few uses is that the telescopic handle feels slightly loose. In terms of functionality, everything works perfectly fine but I was expecting it to be a little sturdier.



By maneuverability, I am referring to the wheels – how well does the suitcase move? I am very impressed with the Earth Tones collection so far. The 360 wheels are super smooth; they allow me to glide my way through airports and train stations. I have used it on cobblestone streets, pavement, and even carpet and it has withstood all tests. It is very well balanced and for this factor of this Heys luggage review, I am very impressed.

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Heys Luggage Review: User Experience

The Heys earthtone collection luggage sits centre of the photo with a stream of light casted across it


So far I have gone on 3 long weekend trips using this suitcase and have managed to fit everything I need without any problems. Sometimes with room to spare!

With the help of the expandable lid, the suitcase gains an extra 20% of packing capacity which definitely is a game-changing experience. The suitcase has a lined interior with a large zipper compartment in the lid. It also features 6 different pockets of various sizes for all of your packing needs. Plus, it has a buckled compression strap to maximize its capacity. I also used the Heys Metallic 5-piece set packing cubes to optimize my packing organization!

I would like to note that I used this carry-on luggage on an international flight with Air Canada recently and they told me the suitcase did not fit the carry-on requirements for the airline. At this time, the suitcase was expanded and I checked it using their sizing tool at the airport and it did not fit. However, on the airplane, I would disagree that there is more than enough space for the suitcase to fit. But technically, it did not pass the size requirements.



Something you always need to look for when choosing a suitcase is the price point. Luggage can really get expensive quickly and you want to make sure you are getting the right value for your money. Personally, I find Heys luggage to be very affordable. I also polled my audience on Instagram and 79% of people voted for Heys luggage pricing as their ideal price range – so I’m not alone!

Plus, Heys luggage comes with a 5-year warranty. This is another aspect to look for when purchasing luggage. Anything less than a 5-year warranty makes me suspicious of the quality of the item. With Heys, I know that I am getting good quality at a good price.

To keep in mind: I would like to mention that you do need to register your own luggage after purchase.


Ease of use

I have already talked about maneuverability but I also wanted to mention the general ease of use of this luggage. I found that the suitcase, even when fully packed, is still very lightweight. Zippers have been relatively smooth, sometimes, they get stuck on corners but very few problems on that front. It’s spacious and stylish and the general use of this suitcase has been a breeze.


Is Heys Luggage worth it?

Heys Luggage Review: Earth Tones Collection

Taking all of these things into consideration, I would say that the Heys Earth Tones collection is worth it. The few problems I have experienced so far are relatively minor compared to the general great user experience and quality. Considering that they are one of the more affordable luggage brands on the North American market, I would say the value of their suitcases is great! It’s also worth mentioning that the customer reviews online list it at a 4.9/5!!

All in all, I am very happy with my Heys Earth Tones luggage so far, and would definitely recommend them. They check off almost everything I look for in a good suitcase including it’s warranty, wheel quality, storage capacity, weight and more!

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