Why we loved our Airbnb in the Algarve

A beautiful white house with a staircase leading up to the second floor and a full garden in front.

What do you look for when choosing an Airbnb? Is it the price? The location? Maybe the amenities? Well, let me tell you that our Airbnb in the Algarve had ALL of these things and we were seriously impressed by it!

If you’re planning a visit to the Algarve, be sure to keep reading as I will go over some important tips about visiting this area of Portugal but also give you 5 reasons our Airbnb was an amazing choice! There are plenty of amazing places to see and stay in the Algarve, and this is of course just one suggestion. But I know how important it is to choose the right accommodation for your trip, so definitely keep reading if you want to know more!

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Tips for visiting the Algarve

🚗 Opt for the car rental: the Algarve is not as well connected as I would have thought. Granted, it is made up of tonnes of smaller towns, which could be why. But even getting to and from the airport, we saw that the public transportation options would have taken 2x+ longer than driving. It would have taken us 3 buses and roughly 2 hours of travel by public transit versus a 40-minute car ride. For us, the flexibility and freedom of having a car was worth it!

📆 Plan at least 3-4 full days: There are lots of towns and beaches to explore along the Algarve. The entire coastline is roughly 155 km! We found that 4 full days worked really well as it gave us plenty of adventure, exploring time balanced with ample chill, relaxing time. And we still didn’t get to see everything we wanted to see!

🌊 When is the best time to visit: We visited in June which I would say is the very beginning of peak season! May-June is the perfect window where the weather is warmer but not too hot and not overpacked with crowds! Another option to avoid crowds but enjoy the warmer weather would be in September!


5 reasons we loved our Airbnb in the Algarve

Before diving into all of the reasons why this Airbnb was exactly what we needed, let me share the Airbnb with you! The Airbnb in the Algarve was located in Albufeira. It’s a beautiful property part of a condominium that can sleep up to 6 people – making it a great place for a group or family! I was traveling with 2 other friends and we had the entire house to ourselves!

Not convinced just yet? Let me break down why this was a great place to stay:


Free Parking was included

I mentioned above that renting a car would be something worth considering while staying in the Algarve. Public transit, while yes there are some options available, was not as frequent as we would have liked and the journeys would have taken significantly longer than driving. If you are traveling with a group and can split the cost of the rental, gas, and parking, I highly recommend it!

And luckily, this Airbnb in the Algarve had parking on site. It felt very secure and private and we never had any issues getting a spot. All important things to consider when choosing the accommodation that’s right for you!


Great Location

A girl standing in a wetsuit with a bright blue ocean and Algarve beach behind her holding a surf board, her hair blowing in the wind.

One of the first things you want to look for in choosing accommodations is its location. Is it close enough to where you want to be without being so central that it will be too expensive? This particular Airbnb was pretty close to being located in the middle of the Algarve. Which is great because we felt pretty central to everywhere we wanted to go.

To give you an idea:

🚗 40 minutes to the airport

🗺️ 45 minutes to Lagos

🚙 1 hour to Sagres

📍 35 minutes to Portimão

PRO TIP: The Algarve is the PERFECT place to learn or practice surfing! It is one of the go-to activities in the region! This is the exact activity we booked 👇🏻


Great reviews

I never book anything without reading some reviews. Whether it’s hotels on booking.com or hostels on Hostelworld, every place you stay you need to browse through some of the comments to get insider experiences.

I usually look for places that have a 4-star rating and up and I will read through what people had to say for each level of the star ratings. This Airbnb in the Algarve has a 4.9-star rating AND is listed as a Guest Favourite. It had at least a 4.8-star rating in all categories on Airbnb so we were very confident with our choice.


Beautiful Property

A collage of photos of the beautiful Airbnb property from our stay in the Algarve including someone relaxing in a hammock and another person reading a book by the pool

Another selling feature of this Algarve Airbnb was the property itself. You want to make sure that where you’re staying is clean, comfortable, and has everything that you will need. This particular place had a full kitchen, living room, full bathroom, and 2 bedrooms. This is also how we wanted to save some money during our visit to the Algarve because we could have our breakfasts and some lunches at home.

Another huge selling feature for this location was that they have a backyard equipped with lawn chairs, a deck, and a hammock. Every day, we’d start our mornings off sitting with coffees outside or spread out reading on the grass. This is another reason why I think this property would be great for families!

The best part of this Airbnb was the pool access. Because the property is part of a condominium, they have a large, beautiful pool that visitors are allowed access to! You literally have everything you need and more – the perfect holiday home!

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Decent price

Price is one of the huge factors to keep in mind for me. I am the type of traveler who is happy to pay for comfort and convenience, however am not quite ready to spend a crazy amount on a luxury stay just yet.

We paid a total of $1,260 CAD for 5 nights which works out to $252 CAD a night. We were a group of 3 which meant we were paying $84 CAD a night per person. Typically for my travels in Europe, I budget roughly 50 euros per person per night for accommodation (of course depending on the city/country) so this Airbnb was pretty much exactly on budget. AND it had the convenience of a parking space, a pool, and a full kitchen and backyard.

Could we have spent less? Yes, of course, there are always more budget-friendly options available for every trip! It all depends on what you want to get out of your trip. If you know you’re going to be out all day exploring and you view your accommodations as just a bed, then look for hostels on Hostelworld. If you want a more aesthetic, beautiful, and relaxing accommodation, look for hotels on booking.com! But in my opinion, this Algarve Airbnb is the best of both worlds!

To keep in mind: since we were traveling with a group, we split expenses by 3. This made renting a car and staying in this particular Airbnb worth it for us!


Save this Airbnb in the Algarve for the future

Why we loved our Airbnb in the Algarve

This article not only highlighted one particular Airbnb in the Algarve but it also went over some important things to keep in mind when choosing your accommodation. I hope that after reading this, you’re not only convinced to book a stay in the Algarve but you have a few new criteria added to your list when looking for Airbnbs, hostels, and hotels.

Interested in more travel tips? Head over to my Travel Planning Tips page to find resources, budget breakdowns, and itineraries!

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Or if you’re in need of extra help, check out my customized travel planning services on Thatch! Whether you’re looking for consultation calls, a personalized travel guide, or a custom itinerary, I’m happy to help make your trip a memorable one!

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