How to spend the BEST Christmas in Alsace (2023)

a girl smiling in front of a beautiful half-timbered yellow house covered in Christmas decorations in Alsace

Spending the most wonderful time of the year in Alsace is probably one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Alsace at Christmas is absolutely magical and picture-perfect! You won’t find many other places in the world that feel like you’ve walked into a Christmas store in real life. The very first Christmas that I […]

Everything you need to know about the Carnaval de Québec (2024)

The castle of Quebec City - Chateau Frontenac

Picture this – it’s the middle of winter and you are standing in the snow holding frozen maple syrup stuck to a popsicle stick. You’re watching a row of men and women wearing red and black plaid tap dance with brooms to a Québecois folk song on the fiddle. This was my first experience walking […]

AMAZING spots to see the Christmas lights in London (2023)

As Christmas approaches, one of the easiest ways for me to get into the holiday spirit is to go hunting for Christmas lights. And London is THE place to find some of the most magical Christmas lights. The city is absolutely transformed around the holiday season. During the 2 years that I lived in London, […]

Vimy Ridge: AMAZING (and informative) Day Trip from Lille

Growing up in Canada, Vimy Ridge is a name that all students come across in our history textbooks. I will confidently assume that a majority of Canadians will recognize and remember its name. They might not remember any details or they might not even remember why it’s important to Canadian history in the first place. […]

Cider Tour: one of the BEST activities to do in Normandy

You may have heard of a wine tour or a beer tour, but have you ever heard of a cider tour? Personally, I have done winery tours in St. Emilion and Portugal. I’ve also done beer tours in Ireland and Amsterdam, so I am quite familiar with the complicated process behind these two beverages. Cider, […]

7 things you need to do when visiting Santorini

Visiting Santorini might be on almost every single person’s Greek bucket list. Known for its sunsets, tourists flock to this small island every summer to enjoy views of the classic blue-domed churches in Greece. They are VERY popular! I was surprised to learn that, even though this island is one of the most popular in […]

Autumn in Algonquin Park: Everything You Need to Know

Hiking in Ontario is a beloved pastime in my house. One park, in particular, that blew me away specifically in the autumn season, was Algonquin Provincial Park. If it’s not on your bucket list already, you need to add visiting Algonquin Park in the autumn to your bucket list! I have never been surrounded by […]

Beautiful stores you can’t miss when shopping in Paris

People are drawn to Paris from all over the world for many reasons. Some people visit for its history – to witness the many iconic buildings that have survived the test of time. Some visit for the food – to end up in any restaurant knowing that no matter what, their meal will be delicious. […]

10 things to do in Brussels you’re going to LOVE

When people come to visit Belgium, most likely they will be making a stop in Brussels. There are lots of things to do in Brussels, I mean hey, it’s the capital! It’s a major, bustling city with museums, history, and access to plenty of day trips! Where I am based in France, in Lille, Brussels […]

How to spend one day in Munich

Germany is filled with so many enchanting cities and towns. You have the small villages along the Fairytale route, the bustling city of Berlin, and, of course, adorable Munich. I loved my quick visit to this iconic city and I only got to spend one day in Munich! This happens often with travel – sometimes […]