This is the Ultimate UK Road Trip Budget Breakdown

One of the most EPIC road trips I’ve done to date is through Scotland, Northern England and Snowdonia National Park in Wales! It was adventure packed, filled with history and some of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever seen. Let me do a complete breakdown of this UK road trip budget for you! In this […]

Complete Cornwall Road Trip Budget

If you are thinking of a road trip in the UK this summer, you might want to consider checking out Cornwall. Cornwall is the southwestern region of the UK and is typically not where most international tourists flock to. In actuality, this is where most families and residents of the UK tend to go on […]

Complete 1-week Road Trip Budget for Germany and Alsace

Alsfeld a small timber framed town in Germany we visited as part of this road trip budget

The road trip budget outlined here includes my personal expenses over the course of a 7-night and 8-day road trip. I was travelling with a friend, so do keep this in mind if you are planning to travel with more or fewer people – your expenses will look different. In this outline, for expenses that […]

Travel and Save Money in Malta: A Helpful Budget Summary

girl in cave overlooking Gozo

If you have the travel bug and can’t wait to go on your next trip but your budget is holding you back, Malta is the place for you. I had heard that Malta was a very budget-friendly country but I didn’t fully realize it until I reflected on my expenses at the end of our […]