Mont St. Michel from Bayeux: Easy Day Trip Guide

If you haven’t heard of Mont St. Michel, you probably will at least recognize it. This iconic Abbey and tidal island is one of France’s most visited tourist attractions. It definitely should be added to your France bucket list – but the question is, do you need to spend the night there? No! You can […]

Best things to do in Étretat

One of the most beautiful spots to visit in Normandy, in my opinion, is Étretat. If you’re planning a visit to Normandy, you need to make sure to add Étretat to your bucket list. You’ll most definitely will recognize it from different paintings, the Netflix show “Lupin” or even from Instagram! Étretat is a town […]

5 Things to do in Bayeux, Normandy

A girl standing on a stone bridge overlooking a river passing through an old medieval town

Planning a visit to Normandy? Do NOT skip Bayeux! It became one of my favorite towns from our entire road trip through this seriously underrated region in France! Although not a huge town, there are plenty of things to do in Bayeux! During my road trip through Normandy, we based ourselves in Caen, but after […]

Cider Tour: one of the BEST activities to do in Normandy

You may have heard of a wine tour or a beer tour, but have you ever heard of a cider tour? Personally, I have done winery tours in St. Emilion and Portugal. I’ve also done beer tours in Ireland and Amsterdam, so I am quite familiar with the complicated process behind these two beverages. Cider, […]