Amsterdam Layover: What to do in one day

Ah, the long layover. To some people, they’re hours wasting away in an airport. To others, they have the potential to squeeze in some unexpected time in a city en route! Lucky for you, Amsterdam is a very layover-friendly city. So let me break down how to prepare for your Amsterdam layover. I’ll go over […]

Best time to visit Amsterdam for Tulips Season

A girl standing with a bike in front of rows and rows of tulips in the Netherlands

The tulip season is almost upon us – so everyone start getting ready! Holland will soon be filled with rows and rows of colorful flowers. It’s a natural beauty that many visitors flock to see. But when actually is the best time to visit Amsterdam for tulips? In this post, I’m going to share with […]

Best Weekend Itinerary: Seeing The Tulips In Amsterdam (2024)

The colourful flowers blooming in the Netherlands with a picturesque windmill behind

For years I wanted to see the tulips in Amsterdam. Ever since I saw one of those viral photos of the fields and fields of colorful rows, I knew this was something I wanted to experience! If you know exactly what I’m talking about, let me show you how you can make the most out […]