Driving in France: Complete Guide for First Timers

Driving in any new country is always daunting. Each destination has its own signage, rules, and etiquette that can be confusing and unknown to tourists. But the freedom and flexibility of having a car make it so worth it! To help you feel a little more prepared for your trip, this article will go over […]

Summer in France: the BEST places to visit

I might be quite biased but I believe France is beautiful no matter the season. There is always something going on all year round and there are so many different corners to explore. But, I must say that spending a summer in France is a particularly wonderful experience. The weather is warm, there are fresh […]

France Bucket List experiences you NEED to try

France has to be one of the most iconic countries in Europe. I say that with confidence because year after year Paris is the top-visited city in the world! But how can you get the most out of your holiday in France? How can you make sure you are getting the ‘authentic’ or ‘iconic’ French […]