How to apply for a working holiday visa: France vs UK

Way back when I was still in school, I always wanted to live abroad. Once I was old enough to start making that dream a reality, I realized that the easiest way to do that is to apply for a Working Holiday Visa. I am currently on my second WHV living in France and the […]

What you need to know about working with a teaching agency in London

As a travel lover who comes from a teaching background, working with a teaching agency was one of the easiest ways for me to live abroad. Working with a teaching agency in London is very common because they are always in need of teachers! There are plenty of other really popular destinations for first-time teachers […]

What you need to know about extending your Working Holiday Visa in France

As a Canadian living in France, I was blessed with the opportunity to extend my working holiday visa for longer than just a year. If you ARE NOT Canadian, then this article does not apply to you. For the moment, it is my understanding that only Canadians are allowed to do this. But what is exactly […]

How to be an English Nanny in France

A beautiful tree in bloom when I visited the park as an English Nanny in France

Working as an English nanny in France (or au pair) is the easiest way to find work as an English speaker! And being a nanny is a great job for a Working Holiday Visa holder. You can get yourself set up quickly once you arrive – no prior contract is needed! When I arrived and […]

Flat Share vs Apartment Rental in London: Everything you need to know

girl walking in front of st Pauls Cathedral with a London Phone Booth in the background

London has a reputation for being quite expensive and if you’re new to the city, you’ll learn that doing a flat share is a very common way to save money. But when I was planning my move, I wasn’t quite sure if it was the best fit for me. So, what is it exactly? Flat […]